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The Best Wisconsin Vacation Spot

The Cable Area is one of the most popular four season family vacation destinations in Wisconsin with a variety of lodging rentals, recreational activities & sporting events to choose from. Cable, Drummond, Grand View & Namakagon are the four towns that connect to create the Cable Area of Northern Wisconsin. 

This area is the perfect setting for outdoor enthusiasts and offers a healthy lifestyle for area residents and business owners. There are a wide variety of recreational opportunities for fitness and education on our multi-use trail system. Our amazing trail system attracts vacationers and visitors for hiking, biking, running, snowmobiling, atving, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and more. The Cable Area is becoming the GO TO travel destination, an outdoor center for adventure, fitness, races, nature and wildlife, recreation, learning and art. 

Start your travel planning with us and our trip advisors & staff will help you find the perfect getaway for you, your friends & family in our area.

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Christmas Cash Raffle Winners!

December 1st - $50 - Bob Rasmussen - Cable, WI
December 2nd - $100 - Brett Eisenhauer - Cable, WI
December 3rd - $100 - Judy Grosjean - Ashland, WI
December 4th - $50 - Gerry Olson, Cable, WI
December 5th - $50 - Arthur Family, Cable, WI
December 6th - $50 - Ron Vanderploeg, Cable, WI
December 7th - $50 - Jon Bolen, Cable, WI
December 8th - $50 - Lynne Wehrheim, Cable, WI
December 9th - $75 - Ron Vanderploeg, Cable, WI
December 10th - $100 - Tommy Gustafson, Grand View, WI
December 11th - $50 - Rachel Berger, Hayward, WI
December 12th - $50 - Judy Grosjean, Ashland, WI
December 13th - $50 - George Hlavac, Chicago, IL
December 14th - $50 - HCCU, Cable, WI
December 15th - $50 - Ashlee Whiting, Cable, WI
December 16th - $75 - Rali Letke, Cable, WI
December 17th - $100 - Wyatt Wiezorek, Mason, WI
December 18th - $50 - Bradley Huff, Hayward, WI
December 19th - $50 - JoAnn Schultz, Cable, WI
December 20th - $50 - Scott Wiederhold, Grand View, WI
December 21st - $50 - Cory Mitchell, Sun Prairie, WI
December 22nd - $50 - Debi Andrews, Cable, WI
December 23rd - $75 - Jayme Morey, Cable, WI
December 24th - $125 - Mary Motiff, Washburn, WI
December 25th - $500 - Tim Dewitt, Cable, WI
December 25th - $500 - Shawn Stolarzyk, Sawyer County, WI
December 26th - $50 - Deran Johnston, Menasha, WI
December 27th - $50 - Al Kolve, Cable, WI
December 28th - $50 - Marilyn Jenkins
December 29th - $50 - Maureen Palmer, Cable, WI
December 30th - $75 - Tali Amundson, Cable, WI
December 31st - $150 - Christine Web, Barnes, WI
December 31st - $150 - Kurt Mingus



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