Ice Skating & Community Ice Rinks

Community ice skating rinks are found in the towns of Cable, Drummond and Grand View. Community ice rinks have a variety of styles and sizes of ice skates to accommodate most skaters from ice skating to ice hockey. Many local resorts offer ice skating rinks for their guests to use free of charge or the public for a minimal fee. Ice rinks are usually set by late December and will remain open as long as the season allows. Call the chamber during the early and late winter season to check ice conditions.

The Town of Cable’s ice rink is located on Randysek Road, behind the Brick House Café.

The Town of Drummond’s ice rink is located on Owen Avenue and lit at night.

Grand View’s ice rink is located at the town park on Highway 63 and lit at night.

Facilities That Offer Ice Skating
Telemark Resort