Wildlife & Nature Viewing

Think of a 1,000+ acre natural zoo open for you to explore…
Surrounded by the 1 million acre Chequamegon National Forest along with several state and county forests, the Cable Area is home to some of the most abundant and diverse wildlife in Northern Wisconsin. Visitors regularly see big game such as deer, bear, and elk. Many visitors also see wolves, eagles, loons, sand hill cranes, fox, squirrels, and a large variety of birds and smaller animals. Country roads, rivers, lakes and trails all offer countless opportunities for wildlife encounters. One simple rule you simply must follow while in the Cable Area is take your camera where ever you go!

The Cable Area Natural History Museum offers countless hands on educational classes and trips. The museum offers a summer lecture and field trip series. For questions regarding tracks, plant identification, wildlife, or any other nature question stop by the museum and visit with a staff naturalist.

Where can I go to see wildlife?
The Cable Area is surrounded by the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest, chances are you’ll see wildlife around almost every corner. If you want to increase your chances of seeing wildlife, head out early in the morning, right after sunrise and travel the forest roads. The animals are less skiddish in the morning and are trying to warm up after the chilly over night.

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