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Snowmobiling & Snowmobile Trails

The Cable Area in Northern Wisconsin has over 1,200 miles of interconnecting snowmobile trail systems, making it one of the largest trail systems in the U.S.  Uncrowded trails and the solitude of the Chequamegon National Forest bring snowmobiliers back again and again to the Cable Area. Our trails give any snowmobiler an exhilarating outdoor experience. The interconnecting trail systems allow riders to travel from location to location on the lake and trails without having to trailer their machines. The Cable area system connects with the surrounding county trails and the Tri-County Corridor trail running from Minnesota to Michigan.

Trail maps are available at many local businesses and at the Cable Area Chamber. Maps and routes change on a yearly basis, be sure you have the most accurate information. Law enforcement is enforced!
Bayfield County Snowmobile Alliance and local snowmobile clubs keep the trails impeccably groomed using 13 hardworking machines and many man hours. While you're riding our trails, please yield to the machines as they have the right of way. Stop at area businesses to make a donation to the local clubs!

IMPORTANT! Non-resident trail use stickers are required on all snowmobiles and ATV's not currently registered in Wisconsin. Funds from this program will be used to enhance all Wisconsin snowmobile recreation. The $35.00 trail passes are available at area businesses.


Monday, March 17th 
We all know that putting your sled away at the end of the season is bitter sweet, while reminiscing about the awesome time you had riding this season but wishing for just one more ride. We’ve got GREAT news for you! Don’t put away your sleds yet because it’s snowing outside our window right now (Monday morning) with 2 inches predicted to fall today and another 6 to 9 inches predicted to fall by tomorrow (Tuesday) night, a total of 10 plus inches of fresh white glorious fun!! The Drummond Sno Jacks, Namakagon Trail Groomers and us at the Cable Area Chamber have made donations to the Bayfield County Snowmobile Alliance totaling $11,000 to ensure that we can continue grooming if the winter chooses to stick around longer. Upon speaking with groomer coordinators early this morning, they will in fact groom the trails if we receive the snow that is predicted for another weekend of awesome riding! Talk about a bonus weekend of fun!! We call this our "March Madness!"

Thursday, March 6

We're having a great March for snowmobile riding! Many expect the season to be over after the first weekend but we've got enough snow to last us all the way through the month! Riders have been calling steadily to check on trail conditions and make reservations. Warmer temps (finally!) will make for great riding! Resorts are now offering spring rates making your snowmobile trip even more affordable!


Friday, February 21st
Snowpocolypse 2014 hit the Cable Area and is taking her sweet time leaving! A minimum of 18 inches of heavy wet snow fell from 5 PM Thursday night to 9 AM Friday morning. Today we are experiencing strong winds and lots of blowing snow. The Namakagon Trail Groomers and Drummond Sno Jacks will be on the trails starting today. Groomers will roll the trails first then groom after the snow has been packed down. Trails will be in excellent shape for riding! Our local trails groomers want to ensure their loyal snowmobilers that they will continue grooming through March on their own operating budgets. When you’re here riding be sure to make a donation to the snowmobile club to ensure they can groom all the way through the season. Next weekend you won’t want to miss Weenie Roast, one of the biggest snowmobile events of the season at Lakewoods Resort on Lake Namakagon. Come on out for snowmobile radar runs, outdoor fire pits, music and lots more. Rumor has it the Dr. McGuillicuddys Models will be making their appearances at local restaurants and taverns! We WILL have spectacular trails though the month of March! This is a great time to ride as many of the resorts will begin offering end of the season discounts on cabins. You won’t find better snowmobile conditions than what we have in the Cable Area right now! 

Monday, February 17th
Trails in the Cable Area continue to remain in very good to excellent condition. The Namakagon Trail Groomers and Drummond Sno Jacks are hard at work making sure when you arrive you'll have a great experience. Be sure to make a donation to the clubs when you stop in at our area businesses. Without them there wouldn't be trails to groom! It's the perfect time to hit the trails! While your here pick up a Brrrr Run poker card and make your way around the region on the best trails we've had in years. If you fill your card, you'll get a nifty bandanna to show off as well as a chance to win $500 in cash! 

Friday, February 14th
Trails remain in very good to excellent condition. We picked up another 3 inches of snow during the day yesterday (Thursday) and have more snow forcasted for Sunday, and Thursday of next week. Temperatures are creeping into the mid twenties making it ideal for winter fun. It's the perfect time to hit the trails! While your here pick up a Brrrr Run poker card and make your way around the region on the best trails we've had in years. If you fill your card, you'll get a nifty bandanna to show off as well as a chance to win $500 in cash! 

Wednesday, Febraury 5th
Trails are still in very good to excellent condition. Riders are having a blast on our trails and cant wait for more! We hope you'll be joining us for some snowmobile riding soon! While your here pick up a Brrrr Run poker card and make your way around the region on the best trails we've had in years. If you fill your card, you'll get a nifty bandanna to show off as well as a chance to win $500 in cash! 

Tuesday, January 28th
Snow conditions are fantastic! Though the weather is a bit chilly, riders are still up and enjoying the trails! Come on up and take in the trails and enjoy the hospitality of our Cable Area businesses. Pick up a Brrrr Run poker card at participating restaurants and taverns and make your way around the region on the best trails we've had in years. If you fill your card, you'll get a nifty bandanna to show off as well as a chance to win $500 in cash! 

Friday, January 25th
We’ve picked up 6 inches of snow over the last week and are forecasted to receive up to three more inches tonight, adding to the already incredible trails. Riders have been raving about how great the trails are, some of the best they’ve ridden in years! If you haven’t been up here yet to experience them yourself, your truly missing out. If you’ve already been up this year, come up again and bring some friends to join in the fun!


Wednesday, January 15th
The Snowmobile Trails in the Cable Area are in great shape for riding. With a solid base on the trails and another 3-5 inches predicted to fall by the weekend trails will be excellent for your next ride. Namakagon Trail Groomers and Drummond Sno Jacks are running their full grooming schedule making sure to keep up with the traffic. We would like to thank our private land owners who allow the snowmobile trails to cross their land.  We would also like to remind our riders that Wisconsin only allows riding on designated Trails and Routes. Please stay on the marked trails or we will lose access to them. Since we have over 1200 miles of trails and routes in the Cable Area, you couldn’t ride them all in one trip, but feel free to accept that challenge! 


Wednesday, January 8th 

The arctic air has finally moved out of the region leaving us with ideal temperatures, predicted to be in the high 20’s by the weekend. Namakagon Trail Groomers will run their full groomer schedule beginning this Thursday through the weekend as well as the Drummond Sno Jacks. The trails have held up incredibly over the cold snap because of little traffic being in the forest. Trail 13 heading north from Sawyer County is a bit choppy due to heavy machinery working in the area. Be cautious as you ride that portion of the trail. Trail are still in very good condition with a solid ice base with packed snow on top. There are over 1200 miles of trails just waiting for you to ride on! Reservations are booking up fast at area resorts since everyone has “cabin fever” from the cold weather, call and book today!

Monday, December 30th

If you groom them, they will come, and they have! The snowmobile trails have been hit heavy this past weekend and riders have nothing but good things to say. Though the traffic was high, the groomers were out all weekend running round the clock. As of this evening (Monday) the groomers will have hit all of the trails again and will pull off the trails to let the snow set up and the over night temps will be frigid. They plan to head back out on the trails on Thursday. Groomers are reporting trails to be in good to very good conditions. A few soggy spots on Lake Namakagon have appeared from pressure cracks with the below zero temps so riders are encouraged to ride the stick trail. Be curtious of the groomers as you meet them on the trails, right after grooming the snow is soft and needs to be ridden on gently until it sets up. Slow down for a few miles after passing the groomer to help ensure everyone can have smooth trails. Have a safe and happy New Year!

Monday, December 23rd
It will be a white Christmas for sure! We’ve picked up another 4 inches of snow over the weekend with 4 more inches predicted to fall on Christmas Eve. We have 24 inches of snow in the forest and a solid 9 inch base on the trails. The Namakagon Trail Groomers have groomed all weekend on a 24 hour rotation hitting all of the trails in their district. They are reporting trails to now be good to very good. Drummond Sno Jacks have been just as busy trying to keep up with the new snow, they are reporting trails to be in very good condition! The clubs will continue to monitor traffic and new snowfall and will be grooming accordingly but will take a break to allow their groomers to celebrate Christmas. Traffic on the trails was rather light this past weekend but, with all the snowfall we anticipate a very strong holiday riding season.  We hope you’ll be hitting the snow in the Cable Area soon! 

Friday, December 20th
The Cable Area has seen regular snow falls of between 2 to 5 inches of snow since early December and we picked up another 3-5 inches of new snow over-night. This is on top of the 16 inches from winter storm Cleon that fell last week, giving us snow depths in the woods of over 20 inches. The trail base is a solid 8 inches. The Namakagon Trail Groomers alone have already logged over 120 hours since last week with two groomers, running with two staff in each groomer working to clear the trails after Cleon left downed branches and trees across the trails. While it was slow going at first, as of yesterday all of the trails in the Namakagon Trail Groomers district have been cleared and rolled. This morning they began pulling the drag to groom the trails. The Drummond Sno Jacks have all of the trails in their region cleared and groomed as well and they are reporting Very Good riding conditions. Groomers are scheduled to run on a 24 hour rotation through the weekend. Both Lake Namakagon and Lake Owen stick trails are up! is predicting excellent riding conditions with temperatures ranging from 21 degrees to 4 degrees over the holiday riding season. Several more minor snowfalls are forecasted with the chance of a significant snow fall event on Saturday the 28th.


Come up and experience some of the best riding we have seen over the holidays in years! We hope you will spend some of your Christmas Vacation with us!

Tuesday, December 17th

*Updated from Mondays Trail report: Namakagon Trail Groomers have put in the time and effort over night! Trail 8 from Telemark all the way to Clam Lake has been cleared, rolled and groomed. Today groomers and trail crews will be working on Trail 90 and Trail 15 to the east of Namakagon and heading north to Grand View. The Namakagon Stick Trail is still planning on going up on Thursday. We're getting ready for you! 

Monday, December 16th

Cable Area snowmobile trails are officially open! We had 16 inches of heavy wet snow fall during the first storm of the year creating a great solid base for the season. Lake Owen stick trail is up and the Namakagon Stick Trail will go up on Thursday the 19th.  The Namakagon Trail Groomers started rolling the trails on Friday evening and encountered a lot of tree limbs and branches on the trails due to the heavy snow, it was slow going and they anticipate having their sections of trails cleared and ready for very good riding by this weekend. Groomers will be out during day light hours this week. Riders should be cautious of debris on trails. Trail 15 from Pioneer to Grand View has larger trees across the trails and will be working on removing these trees early this week, as of Monday morning the trail is not passable. We will post updates as we receive them from the trail crews. We hope you will spend some of your holiday season riding with us in the Cable Area! 

We will update the Cable Area Chamber’s Facebook page as well as this page as conditions change.

*Please be aware that our "Miss SnowFlake Report" is still being sent out, via . All email addresses have been merged into this address book but some emails are being reported as "spam" and may not be being delivered into your inbox! Check your junk mail and approve this meessage! If you still are not receving the Cable Area Snowmobile Trail Report email asking to be added!



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 * The Chequamegon National Forest adds 300 miles of snowmobile trails to our already impressive total and in addition to the designated trails, there is nearly 1,000 miles of National Forest roads that are not plowed in the winter months and are open to snowmobile travel!


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