Grand View Firehouse 50 – discontinued

“It is with a heavy heart, that the decision has been made to discontinue the Grand View Firehouse 50. From its humble beginnings of stopwatches on the back of a pickup truck to a 3 day, all-inclusive event…the Firehouse 50 was something very special. Three generations of Grand View-ites volunteered ENDLESS hours to the success of this event. It is a testament to the dedication of a community to support its Volunteer Fire Department. It was a right-of-passage to earn your Support Shirt and folks wore it with pride! The website will remain active so folks can view the thousands of photos stored there. The Firehouse 50 Committee would like to thank every biker, runner, spectator, musician, and THOUSANDS of VOLUNTEERS for their undying support for over 45 years. Don’t be sad because it’s over… Smile because it happened.”
-Grandview Firehouse 50 Team Facebook Page

For more information Visit GVFH50 Website