Chamber Dollars & Gift Certificates
A great way to support your local economy is by using the Chamber Dollars program. Studies have shown that each dollar spent in a local store is then re-spent within that same community 14 more times. Chamber Dollars are gift certificates that function just like cash and are usable in all chamber member businesses. Chamber Dollars are available in various denominations and can be picked up at the Cable Area Visitor Center throughout the year.

Chamber Dollars make a thoughtful gift because you have the ability to choose where you want to shop! Where else can you get gift certificates for almost any kind of store? Dining, retail, lodging and services all take Chamber Dollars. Many local clubs also use Chamber Dollars as prizes too.

*Chamber Dollars can be used at any business listed on the Chambers website

Support your local businesses, buy Chamber Dollars today!

The Cable Area Chamber is here to promote the area, culture and a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you check back often to see what’s new for promotions!