Birkie 2021 – Directional Skiing, Detours, and Other Adjustments to North End Trails

Recommended to ski in a COUNTERCLOCKWISE DIRECTION.  After skiing up from the NE Trailhead, cross the Birkie Trail and bear RIGHT onto the A Loop. Take the A Cut-off (Location #2) and continue skiing counterclockwise to return to the Trailhead. Be aware of 5 crossings of the Birkie Racecourse.

Ski outbound on the A Loop in a CLOCKWISE DIRECTION – After skiing up from the NE Trailhead, cross the Birkie Trail and bear LEFT onto the A Loop.  Begin by following the A LOOP clockwise. Follow the B/C loop around in a clockwise direction. This will result in skiing in the opposite direction most people traditionally ski these loops. You will be skiing UP all of the bigger hills.

When you return to the top of the B loop at the A Cut-off, you may follow the A Loop in, but EXERCISE CAUTION descending to the Birkie Trail crossing. Slow down and look for Birkie skiers before crossing.  Or, bear right at the A Cut-off and repeat the cut-off and follow the A Loop counterclockwise back to the trailhead. This route will add about 2 km to the overall ski.

Note that on Wed., Thursday, and Saturday, there will not be a track on the shared segments of B & C.

No significant changes when skiing from the A Cut-off out to the Tony Wise and down to the lollipop loop.

On the North, however, from Location #42, the Birkie Racecourse will use the segment that we use to link into the old Telemark Trails and what we groom as the Tony Wise (same route as used in the Birkie Tour).  It will be OK to ski on this segment, but know that it does not follow our Tony Wise all the way in and diverts at the top of the long hill down into the swamp (Birkie Roller) before the big 5-way junction. From there out to the lollipop loop, the Tony Wise is not affected.

There are 2 detours to avoid against the flow skiing and an awkward blind crossing of the Birkie Racecourse.

  1. On the A Cut-off, just past the Birkie Skate Trail crossing (Location # 64), remain on the A Cut-off to the junction the B/C Loops. Turn right and ski south to resume the NE Classic at Location #51.
  2. After returning up the long climb from where the NE Classic runs with the Tony Wise to rejoin the C Loop, detour left – USE CAUTION DESCENDING TO MERGE WITH THE C LOOP. Follow the C loop south to Timber Trail and follow the Birkie Racecourse (Birkie Classic) north up the hill to C loop junction (Location #52). Turn left and resume the North End Classic. This route will add about 2 km to your ski.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. There will be signage at all critical junctions and turns.

In summary:

  • Be aware of directional signage.
  • Exercise caution anytime you cross the racecourse.
  • Under no circumstances should you ski against the flow of race traffic.

Thanks and have a good time out there this week.

Download North End Ski Map Here

(subject to change)


  DATE NE Trail Tony Wise NE Classic
Sat. Feb. 20      
Sun. Feb. 21 X    
Mon Feb. 22 X X X
Tue Feb. 23 X    
Wed Feb. 24      
Thurs. Feb. 25 PM X X
Fri Feb. 26      
Sat Feb. 27 PM    
Sun Feb. 28