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Trail Tours, Runs, Walks, Hikes - Be a part of Healthy LivingThe Cable Area is located in the heart of Wisconsin's pristine wilderness also known as the great Northwoods. Here, life moves at a different pace than from the hectic bustle of traffic, pavement, and crowds. The waters run clear and cold, the air is fresh, the forest is alive, and the night sky is spectacular. Surrounded by such natural purity, healthy living is not just a theory, it's a lifestyle. For many, that lifestyle is the reason they live here or visit frequently. You simply feel better while you're here. Getting out into the unspoiled environments that form the backdrop of the Cable Area encourages fun, healthy activities. Hiking, biking, cross-county skiing, swimming, and countless other activities all get your body moving and makes you feel more alive. Exercising can be a chore, exploring is fun and exciting!


Healthy FoodMany local activities center on healthy eating, healthy activities or a comprehensive educational experience. The local museums highlight the deep history of this northwoods lifestyle and the rich environment we call home. Our natural resources and good stewardship of them, is engrained in our culture. It is the life blood of our way of life. Come immerse yourself in the pure ambiance that is the Cable Area. See and feel unpolluted surroundings as nature intended them to be. Feel alive again!

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