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Town of Drummond Board Meeting

June 11, 2019

6:30 pm


1.     Call to order
2.     Approval of minutes of the May 14, 2019 town board meeting
3.     Treasurer and Other Committee Reports
4.     Public comment
5.     Consider zoning request for construction use to operate a temporary asphalt plant (Mathy Construction – 47515 US Highway 63)
6.     Consider options to repair Longview Rd. including possible budget amendment to pay to repairs
7.     Consider chip seal bids
8.     Consider Federal Lands Access Program grant funding
9.     Consider assessing penalties and collections for delinquent room tax
10.  Consider portable toilet for transfer site.
11.  Consider requests for Liquor License
12.  Consider requests for Tobacco Licenses
13.  Consider requests for operator/bartender licenses
14.  Approve vouchers for payment of bills
15.  Planning and discussion of future projects and agenda items
16.  Set time and date for next meeting
17.  Adjourn

Jun 11
Drummond Civic Center