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MAY 15, 2019
6:00 P.M.
2. CLOSED SESSION:  MOTION by    , seconded by    to go into Closed Session at      , per Wisconsin Statute 19.85(1)(c) to consider employment, promotion compensation or performance evaluation data of an employee.  Roll Call:  Chairman Rondeau, Supervisors Radecki and Merrill, Clerk Allen in favor.
3. MOTION by     , seconded by     to adjourn Closed Session and reconvene in open session at     p.m.  Roll Call:  Chairman Rondeau, Supervisors Radecki and Merrill, Clerk Allen in favor.
4. Reconvene Open Meeting
5. Chairman’s Comments
6. Clerk’s Report
7. Approval of Minutes – April 17, 2019
8. Treasurer’s Report:
        General Fund Balance: $131,532.21 (March 31, 2019)
        Cemetery Fund: $1,335.00     (March 31, 2019)
9. Plan Commission Report – Sue Thurn
10. Roads Report – Bob Lang
11. AIS Report – Sue Thurn, Scott Gooler
12. Receipt of Reports:
        - Sanitary District Report
        - Forest Lodge Library Report
        - Cable Union Airport Report – Receipt Draft April 8, 2019 Minutes
        - Law Enforcement Report – March 2019
13. Public Comment (Limit to 3 Minutes)
14. Discussion/Possible Action on Inflatable Order for 4th of July (Laura Bjork)
15. Discussion/Possible Action on Management of Great Divide Little League Baseball Concession (Tracie Skoglund)
16. Discussion/Possible Action to Open and Award Chip Seal Bid
17. Discussion/Possible Action Approval Mountain Bike Borah Epic in Cable
18. Discussion/Possible Action Regarding North End Trail Run Use of Crossing at Timber Trail Road One-Half Mile East of Randysek Road and 1/8 Mile East of Birkebeiner Trail
19. Discussion/Possible Action to Approve CARE Request for Use of Cable Town Roads for the 11th Annual Care Run on July 4, 2019
20. Discussion/Possible Action on AIS Program
21. Discussion/Possible Action to Approve Letter of Authorization for Cary Palmer to Act as Agent to Apply for the Lions Building Permit
22. Discussion/Possible Action to Approve Picnic License for Cable Natural History Museum Fundraiser, July 27, 2019
23. Discussion/Possible Action Re: Donation to Namakagon Lake Association to Hatch and Raise
  Fry, Fingerlings, and then Extended Length (6-8”) Walleyes for Stocking
24. Discussion/Possible Action on Ambulance Resolution and Bylaws
25. Discussion/Possible Action on Short-Term Rental for Tillman & Padgett Co.
26. Discussion/Possible Action on Town Guns – 1 Pistol and 1 Shotgun
27. Discussion/Possible Action on Summer Work Schedule for Road Crew
28. Discussion/Possible Action for Improvements to Frels Road/Tahkodah Lake Road/Big Brook
29. Discussion/Possible Action Bayfield County Aids Grant
30. Discussion/Possible Action to Organize Cleanup Day
31. Discussion of Rules for  Use of Public Restrooms and Depot Restrooms for Campground
32. Discussion/Possible Action on Quotes for 2019/2020 Propane Contract
33. Discussion/Possible Action on Contract for Website Management
34. Discussion/Possible Action to Allow Access to Town Safety Deposit Box by the Chair, Treasurer, or Clerk
35. Discussion/Possible Action on Payment of Claims:
        Fire Department Check Nos.: 3065 to 3069
        Forest Lodge Library Check Nos.: 3406 to 3419
        Town of Cable Check Nos.: 8937 to 8969
36. Date of Next Meeting:  June 19, 2019
37. Adjournment

May 15