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Stitzy Vitzy Fishing Challenge on Lake Namakagon

Call Mike Best for more Details at 715-558-4014
Saturday May 18, 2019
50% of proceeds collected will be paid out in prize money the rest of the money raised is put into the Charlie Best Memorial Fund. Funds are then donated to local area youth clubs. In 2018 we donated $250 to Drummond Area Ice fishing Team and $1000 to Drummond Area School athletes continuing on to college. Previous years we have used money for a skate board park, baseball score board, pitching machine, and a basketball shooting machine. The Best family has been hosting this tournament in conjunction with an annual golf tournament for over 25 years. The family with your support has donated over $30,000.00 to local community schools and clubs. Please come support this event.
1. Price $40.00 per person-includes entry fee and dinner. You must register at Pioneer bar before Midnight on Friday May 18th. You can stop anytime between now and Friday May 18th to register.
2. Fishing hours: 6:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. on Lake Namkagon including Garden& Jackson Lake. It is the honor system on starting.
3. Dinner to follow at 5:00 p.m. at Pioneer Bar
4. Cash money will be awarded to:
     1. Longest Walleye 1st, 2nd and 3rd
     2. 1st Place Longest Northern
     3. 1st Place Longest Crappie
Fish will be measured to the nearest ¼ inch and will measure down.
This is how ties will be paid out for Longest Walleye:
Two way tie for 1st place – 1st and 2nd place money is added up and divided by 2 fisherman. 3rd place money goes to 2nd place winner or winners if there is a 2nd place tie. There will be no money paid out for 3rd place.
Three way tie for 1st place – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place money will be added up and divided by 3 and paid out equally for the 3 way tie fisherman. There will be no money paid out for 2nd and 3rd place.
Four or more way tie for 1st place. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are divided by number of fisherman in tie and paid out equally to 1st place fisherman. There will not be money paid out for 2nd and 3rd place.
Same format is used for 2nd place ties.
All Ties for Northern and Crappie will be divided by number of fisherman in tie and paid back equally.
Judges will be marked, radio on channel 3 or cell phone numbers are:
Terry Dickrell: (715)-492-5174
Barb Best (715)-580-0083
You can also bring fish to pioneer by 4:30 p.m. to me measured.
*There is no lucky walleye.
Walleyes from 20-24” have to be releases as they are in the slot. However, they can be measured for the contest.
If you can’t get a judge to come to your boat, you can measure the walleye yourself. You must take a picture with the numbered symbol we give you and a measuring board. Tip of nose, to end of tail, and squeeze the tail.
All Wisconsin fishing regulations apply.
Everyone gets a cow tag and you must return your cow tag. Cow tag raffle will be drawn after dinner. Everyone will also have a flag to mount to your boat.
$$$ Cash Raffle $$$ - will be selling cash raffle tickets for $5.00 each or arm length for $20. 00. 1st place will be rod and real combo. There will be $200 in additional fishing equipment to raffle off.
This is a fund raiser tournament and it is meant to be fun. There is money that can be won but it is not setup to be a cut throat competition fishing tournament. The start and end of the tournament along with the measuring of big fish is all on the honor system. It is to raise money for youth programs so we would hope that everyone competing is honest and at the end of the day understands it is all in fun. Mike and Charlie Best will be the final judge in any discrepancies. Decisions will be made based on how they feel fit to handle the situation. There will be no rule book used based on how the pro’s would have done it -- the decisions will be made based on what they feel is fair.

May 17 - May 18
Pioneer Bar