PODCASTS: How to Create & How to Enjoy

 September 21, 2018
What, exactly, IS a podcast? With an upcoming pair of events, your Forest Lodge Library is here to tell you all about it!
Beginning at 5, we'll talk about the tech tools you'll need to create podcasts and share information about how-to and where to host and post your podcast once you've created it. On Saturday, Sept. 22nd, beginning at 3 at the library, our presenter will offer up information from the other end of the spectrum...as in, how do find podcasts, how do you listen to them? Learn how to partake of this trending technology...that's there for you to listen to, when you're ready to hear about it!
The Forest Lodge Library is located at 13450 in downtown Cable, WI. For more information, visit the website at cable.wislib.org or give a call at 715-798-3189.

Sep 21
Forest Lodge Library