Pastels: Painting Lakes

April 30, 2019
10am – 4pm
Class size limit: 14
Class ID # 24379 Catalog # 60-815-600 Class Fee $31.50/18.00 (62+)

Use your own color photos of lakes depicting spring, summer or fall, as inspiration to create unique pastel paintings on paper. Explore the concepts of shape, space, value, and color in your composition as you interpret the landscape using strong contrasts with simplified shapes. You’ll practice different pastel painting techniques by layering the pigment on various types of pastel paper. You’ll have the opportunity to view the museum’s current exhibit. This class is offered two days. You may sign up for one or both days. Bring a sack lunch or order from a local catering establishment during class. Visit for the supply list.

Please contact instructor Diana Randolph if you have any questions at or 715-798-3619

Registration is currently open! Please register by phoning WITC-Ashland at 715-682-4591, ext. 3182

There are supply lists for all these classes. Diana will email you the list one week prior to the class date IF you are on her class roster. Otherwise you may look at You may also email the instructor at any time and she’d be happy to email it to you.

Apr 30
Cable Natural History Museum